Sercan Turkmen

Software Developer

I'm a researcher with software development focus. Primarily working with python, haxe, javascript and C++, living in Oulu, Finland.

I believe the code is not just something that works, it should be readable, maintainable and testable. Because it has its own life cycle and machine will understand everything if it's in the correct syntax but the developers will be reading the code many times. I am experienced with most of the software development tools and methodologies including Scrum, Git, TDD, continuous integration for mobile platforms. Furthermore, thanks to my graduate degree, I have gained new viewpoints in software engineering and its direction. I aim to combine my research experience with my sectoral background for novel approaches to help build better experiences for everyone.


Research Assistant at Oulu University
February 2018 - present
Open-source Android library development on various mobile sensors using Kotlin. Real-time semantic segmentation with CNN, object tracking and augmented reality on mobile devices.
Paper: An efficient solution for semantic segmentation: ShuffleNet V2 with atrous separable convolutions
S. Türkmen, J. Heikkilä
February 2019
Assigning a label to each pixel in an image, namely semantic segmentation, has been an important task in computer vision, and has applications in autonomous driving, robotic navigation, localization, and scene understanding. Fully convolutional neural networks have proved to be a successful solution for the task over the years but most of the work being done focuses primarily on accuracy. In this paper, we present a computationally efficient approach to semantic segmentation, meanwhile achieving a high mIOU, 70.33% on Cityscapes challenge. The network proposed is capable of running real-time on mobile devices. In addition, we make our code and model weights publicly available.
Link: Preprint
Intern Developer at ROHM Semiconductors
April 2018 - August 2018
Windows application development using XAML with C# as a part-time developer.
Open-source contribution: AWARE Framework
February 2018 - September 2018
Implemented Android sensor library modules to be used in the new version of AWARE Framework using Kotlin language.
Published game: 101 Okey Extra
Digitoy Games
Released September 2016
101 Okey extra is a board game played with 4 players. Players aim to empty out their hand by following the rules of the game, challenging and complex.
Links: Facebook / Android / iOS
Published game: Poker Extra
Digitoy Games
Released May 2016
Poker Extra is an texas hold'em poker game played in real time with real players all around the world. Simple and appealing design of the game makes it even more addictive.
Links: Facebook / Android / iOS
Published game: Okey Extra
Digitoy Games
Released May 2015
Okey is a traditional tile-based board game with long history and many variations. It's very similar to GinRummy as it is played with the same set of boards and tiles but with different rules.
Links: Facebook / Android / iOS
Software Engineer at Digitoy Games
January 2015 - September 2017
Have worked both front-end and the game engine side of the projects using Haxe. For the native platform adaptation, have used Java, Javascript, C++, and Objective-c. Played a major role as a release engineer. With a small compact team we released four game titles with over 1 million downloads in total on mobile platforms.
Izmir Institute of Technology
September 2011 - January 2016
Thesis title: Application of Artificial Intelligence on a Platformer Type Game Based on User Experience.